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When you get injured how will you pay the bills?

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What We Offer

Have you thought about life and its unforeseen circumstances? Kaisamba & Associates LLC in Silver Spring, Maryland helps you to be ready when life throws you an unexpected curve. We offer various plans such as term and whole life insurance to secure you and your family’s future. A-rated companies are ready to get you covered. Referrals are always welcome. Check this site regularly for new service states

Life Insurance

Be proactive and plan ahead. Our life insurance policies protect your family from financial devastation upon your passing.

Health Insurance and Health Attachment Products

Minimize your out-of-pocket expenses for your medical bills when you acquire our health insurance along with the included healthcare products. You may call us to learn more about what services are covered in this plan.

Other Health-Related Products

We offer long-term care insurance to individuals who need assistance with daily living. We will also help you with Medicare Supplement Plans and hospital cash assistance plans.

Disability Income

Disability income insurance helps protect your financial stability when you are unable to work due to severe injuries or sickness. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent condition, you can be sure that you won’t lose your income.

Mortgage Protection

The life you lead today may not be the same tomorrow. You may lose a job, become seriously ill, or die unexpectedly. Mortgage protection insurance helps you cover your mortgage payments when these events happen.


Find the perfect policy for your specific needs and budget. Consult with our specialist to get the best annuity contract that you can rely on for your retirement.

Final Expense Insurance

If you are 40 and over. Obtaining a final expense is the most simplified measure for life insurance. All health conditions qualify, no medical exams, plan up to fifty thousand dollars. Payments do not change and plan is permanent, think of it as an added value to your saving account.

Long Term Care

Plan for your daily basic needs over a projected time period. Long term care assist with added expenses on critical illnesses or multiple disabilities as agreed upon.

Dental Vision and Hearing Insurance

A plan with options for you and family, secure your smile, secure your sight and see better, secure your hearing and hear better. Plan availability vary according to state and qualification.

Key-man Policy

Majority of businesses have an individual or partner extremely important towards the success of their business. Key persons are defined as owners, partners or employee whose projected loss, disability may cause a major setback in the future of the company. Be smart and collaborate with Kaisamba Agency in obtaining a plan. 

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